What is Cryotherapy?

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You may have heard of the new spa fad called cryotherapy. Does emerging yourself in freezing cold temperatures sound like a reasonable health solution to you…or do you find it absolutely crazy? Well, no matter what you think, it is gaining in popularity for the benefits it can provide. ⁣

⁣Cryotherapy refers to any use of extremely cold temperatures for medical benefits including the applying of an ice pack to an inflamed area. More recently, it has become a recognized spa treatment where people go into a cold tank for 3-5 minutes for the health benefits it can provide. These are said to include the following:⁣

  • ⁣Pain relief and muscle healing – increased circulation that occurs when adjusting to warmer temperatures can promote healing⁣.

  • Aid in weight loss – cold forces the body to work to stay warm boosting metabolism⁣.

  • Reduced inflammation – the cold reduces swelling to improve overall health⁣.

  • Preventing dementia – the cold temperatures can decrease oxidative stress that leads to dementia⁣.

  • Preventing and treating cancer – cryotherapy can treat some forms of cancer by freezing cancer cells on certain body parts⁣.

  • Reducing anxiety and depression – a reduction of inflammation can also have a positive effect on mental health⁣.

  • Improving symptoms of eczema – the cold temperatures can reduce the redness and swelling associated with eczema⁣.

  • Treating migraines – studies have shown that cryotherapy can reduce pain for those suffering with migraines⁣.

⁣Because cryotherapy is a relatively new treatment, its effects have not been proven. However, it could begin to emerge as a safe and natural alternative to many popular solutions in Western medicine. Will you be taking the plunge?