Caffeine in cold brew coffee vs regular coffee vs tea


I don't drink much coffee (I usually stick to herbal teas).  But the other day, I was exhausted and had a big glass of cold brew coffee.  I was shocked at how the caffeine affected me. I was WIRED! So of course, I immediately started to look up the caffeine content in cold brew coffee compared to all of the other caffeinated drinks we drink. The amount of caffeine in common drinks varied between sources on the internet so keep on mind these are just general ranges.

  • Brewed coffee 8 ounces 100-200 mg caffeine

  • Brewed black tea 8 ounces 50 mg 

  • Brewed green tea 8 ounces 30mg

  • Cold brew coffee 8 ounces 100mg

How much caffeine did you have today?