What is the Best Laser for Dark Skin?


For laser hair removal, the best laser for dark skin types is the Nd:YAG laser. To understand why this laser is safest, you need to understand how laser hair removal works. Lasers for hair removal work by targeting dark coarse hair. The laser detects the dark color in the hair and heats it up to destroy the hair follicle.

The reason why laser hair removal used to be very challenging in darker skin types is because the original hair removal lasers could not distinguish between darkly pigmented hair and the pigment in the skin. They were risky and could easily burn brown skin. With the introduction of the Nd:YAG laser, this problem was solved. This is because the Nd:YAG laser is sensitive enough to distinguish between darkly pigmented hair and brown skin. So, if you have deep olive, brown, or dark brown skin, make sure you use the Nd:YAG laser. It is, by far, the safest and most effective laser to remove hair in your skin type.