Want Perfect Skin? Don’t Pick!


Picking at pimples is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a clear complexion. Picking your face can lead to scarring which sometimes can be permanent. At the very minimum, picking at pimples can introduce bacteria from your nails into the skin which can lead to a superficial skin infection. In addition, picking also increases inflammation in the skin which can lead to a dark spot or a red mark on the skin. These spots can take months to fade without treatment.

If picking becomes chronic it can lead to a bump of very thick skin (also known as a prurigo nodule or a picker's nodule). These are much more difficult to clear and can even require steroid injections to heal completely. So don’t pick your pimples and if you get the urge to pick, apply a spot treatment. Sometimes just covering up a pimple can eliminate the urge to pick. It is such a simple intervention but has helped many people stop this bad habit.