Did you know lavender is proven to reduce anxiety?


Lavender is one of my favorite ingredients in skin care. Recognized for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender has the added benefit that it smells great. Lavender's distinctive scent also has calming aromatherapy effects.

In one study, patients who received cosmetic Botox injections in a lavender-scented room had lower blood pressure after treatment than patients treated in an unscented room. Lavender's benefits are due to a chemical called linalool.  Linalool has a calming effect and also relaxes the muscles and lowers blood pressure. In fact, multiple studies have shown that lavender can help improve both depression and anxiety.

 Like any essential oil, people with sensitive skin should always try a test spot before trying any new product with lavender. However, for most people, lavender is an excellent skin care ingredient and can easily be incorporated into your skin care regimen. In addition to skin care, you can use lavender diffusers in the bedroom to aid with sleep or drink a lavender tea for a delicious and calming treat.