Try This At-Home Treatment For Warts

Warts can be frustrating and difficult to treat. Here is an at-home treatment that has been successful in treating warts.

Duct Tape

Treatment for Warts.jpg

Duct tape- yes I said duct tape. In one study, duct tape was compared to conventional treatment with liquid nitrogen (freezing) and was found to be more effective. So how do you use duct tape for warts? 

You simply apply it and remove it when it starts to peel off. Depending on the area you are treating it can last 1-3 days. Remove any dead tissue when you remove the tape and reapply a new piece. It is important to use the regular heavy-duty duct tape (not the pretty colorful ones you can use in arts and crafts). This is because a separate study using a different type of duct tape did not show improvement.

If your wart is resistant, be sure to see a dermatologist.  There are many other effective treatments including prescription creams and even lasers.