Glue For Hair Extensions Can Cause Permanent Hair Loss

hair glue and hair extensions.jpg

Hair glue contains three main ingredients: latex, rubber, and black hair dye. These three ingredients also happen to be on the list of the most common causes of contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. If you develop an allergic reaction to hair glue, it will start with itching and burning. Since the glue stays in contact with your skin, this can lead to significant inflammation in the scalp and can even cause hair loss when the glue is removed. Unfortunately, I see this all the time in my office. Even if you have used glue in extensions in the past without problems, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction with continued use. The best case scenario is temporary itching and inflammation. This can be treated with a topical cortisone cream. However, in most cases, the inflammation is so severe it leads to hair loss which can be permanent.

Reactions to hair glue can even be deadly. Last year, the Huffington Post reported on a woman who died unexpectedly after an allergic reaction to the latex in hair glue. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the ingredients in hair glue, so make sure to stay away from hair glue and opt for sewn in extensions instead. Sewn in extensions are safer for your hair, and as long as they are not too tight, they are a much safer option. Permanent hair loss from glue can be devastating and the risks of using hair glue are simply not worth it.