My Top Specific Beauty Skin Care Products

Dr. Heather Specific Beauty Skin Care

Everyone is always asking me what my favorite Specific Beauty skin care products are, so I decided to do a post on my absolute favorites. Of course, I use and love all of the products in the line. Remember, you get the best results when you consistently use a complete skin care regimen. Below are my personal favorites.

Specific Beauty Active Radiance Day Moisture SPF 30

I love this day moisturizer because it offers great broad spectrum coverage which is essential when trying to maintain an even skin tone. The added bonus is that it also has these beautiful light reflecting gold pigments that give my skin an instant glow. I don’t wear makeup and this hint of gold makes my skin radiant. I love it!

Specific Beauty Replenishing Moisture Complex

My skin is normal to dry, so I always reach for this moisturizer when I am feeling dry. I use it the morning before applying my Active Radiance Day Moisture and also at night after I wash my face. It also has soothing lavender which calms the skin and feels luxurious.

Specific Beauty Intensive Skin Brightening Serum

This is one of my favorites because it really works on my most stubborn dark spots. If I am feeling a little dry, I combine it with the Replenishing Moisture Complex. It is my go-to product for stubborn dark spots from pimples and the sun (remember, I live in Florida). 

So there you have it. These are some of my favorite Specific Beauty skin care products. Would love to hear what your favorite Specific Beauty products are in the comments section.