My Top Hair Care Products

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Hair care is so complicated and it is hard to know which products are best, especially when you have textured hair. The possibilities are endless AND sometimes, overwhelming. It is impossible to cover the best hair care products in just one blog post, but here are some products that I have had great results with.

Regrow Solutions Hair Vitamins

I have been recommending these vitamins for years and my patients are constantly telling me that they work. They contain the optimal dose of biotin 5000mcg and also a combination of other essential hair vitamins to grow long, healthy hair. But the proof is in the results and these vitamins really deliver results. They are my go-to hair vitamins for all of my patients with alopecia or thinning hair.

Andre Walker Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo

This is a fantastic shampoo for every hair type. It cleanses and at the same time does not strip moisture from the hair. Also, after washing with this shampoo, combing through my hair seems much easier than with other shampoos I have tried. If you are looking for a great cleanser for your hair without stripping your natural oils, this is the product for you. 

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Hair and Scalp Oil

I have very dry hair so I need to use a lightweight oil daily to keep my hair hydrated.  With all of the options out there, you would think that finding something that is lightweight and convenient to use would be easy.  Well it took me a while to find my go to hair oil, Palmer's Olive Oil Formula.  This oil is lightweight and I love that is comes in a spray so it is easy to cover the areas that need it most.  Also unlike many hair oils, it does not have an overwhelming or unpleasant scent. If you are looking for a lightweight and hydrating hair oil, you will be really happy with this product.